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Can an Apostille by applied to any document?
In theory, yes, but the legalisation can only normally be executed in the country of origin of the document. See our list of documents that can have an Apostille.

How do I legalise my degree certificate?
Normally we take a copy of your degree and have it certified as a true copy of the original then have the Apostille attached to that. This avoids having the Apostille Certificate (which is glued onto the back and embossed through) on the original. We can, however, apply the Apostille to the original if requested to do so.

Can a copy birth certificate have an Apostille?
Certain documents have to be the original or a certified copy provided by the General Register Office. Birth Certificates fall into this category and the Apostille can only be applied to an original, never to a photocopy.

What about marriage abroad?
You may be asked to provide evidence of ID when getting married abroad and an Apostille certificate applied to your birth certificate will be acceptable in most countries. A certificate of No Impediment may also be required to prove that you are eligible to marry.

Executing an estate abroad?
When a spouse dies abroad and you need to deal with their affairs you may be asked to provide evidence of marriage and an Apostille certificate applied to your marriage certificate will be acceptable in most countries.

When do I need an Apostille certificate for company documents?

If you intend to start trading overseas, importing or exporting or opening a bank account, then overseas authorities may need to see evidence of the company's credentials. Many different company documents can be legalised either individually or as a set. The requirement is largely driven by the receiving authorities so check with them first as to what their requirements are.

Is our advice really free?
Our 0845 phone number is charged at a local rate, unlike some service providers,
whose apparently free advice is being charged at a premium rate.

Why choose us?
There are many service providers out there; so what makes any one of them stand out above the rest?
Your legalisation may be time-sensitive, or you may want the best value for money.

As a small company, we can react quickly and flexibly to your needs.
You will get friendly, efficient, but still cost-effective service from the first contact right
through to receiving your legalised documents back on time.

We are particularly cost-effective for the private individual as we are not required to charge VAT on any of our services.
Legalisation is not something you will have to undertake regularly so you want to be sure of getting it right first time.
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